[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap1″]S[/bra_dropcaps]am has a strong passion for personnel development and takes great pride in the success many of his former employees have achieved in their careers. It is no surprise that he has become a successful career coach and strategic planning expert. His ten-year radio career included success as a program director and on-air personality in the Midwest.

He began his sales career in marketing as a sales representative and worked his way into ownership of Val Pak and Reach magazine in Dayton Ohio. He is also the Founder and Executive Publisher of Housetrends Magazine and Positive365.com. His wide range of experience as a creative resource and manager make him uniquely qualified as a business coach and consultant.

To contact Sam Wilder: 614.506.8474 or swilder@jam-creative.com




Four years ago (at 55 years old) I decided I wanted to learn to paint. After more than 100 paintings, I’m starting to enjoy the results. Life is a process of growth and application. -Sam


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